Tuesday 18 June 2013


As a a makeup artist my mind is always flowing with ideas on what type of looks to create. The imagination is endless with images that can be often surreal.  It's a great aspect of makeup when you can just let loose and create such looks! Enjoy just a few of my shoots......

Saturday 15 June 2013

Makeup .....

What a hectic week......

Weddings, formals, bday parties ......

I love my job as a makeup artist.  It's not the money that brings satisfaction to me. It's the fact that after I have spent an hour on my clients face and then they look in the mirror... The big smile they give me and hug is what I love to see! The joy and happiness is absolutely beautiful.

Have a great weekend all and stay tuned for tmro ' s blog !

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Hair talk.....

,Rusk ..... 

Evening people......

Hope you have all had a great day!

So.... Lets talk about the Miracurl that I purchased over the weekend. I have to say that it's absolutely amazing.  It's simply a fabulous styling tool I would recommend 100%.... The results are beautiful free flowing curls !

The end result..... 

Isn't it divine .......

Ok lovely people that's all for today.

Good night 


Sunday 9 June 2013

Sydney hair expo

Good morning and what beautiful weather we have here in Melbourne! Over the weekend I attended the Sydney Hair Expo and had an absolute  ball. So many new products out! So much shopping!

One styling equipment I did love was the Rusk Miracurl! Absolutely magical. The curls are so perfect. I will be doing a look this afternoon using this Miracurl which I will be posting the end results for you all to see. 

Did I look around at the shops while in Sydney? Of course ! One place I fell in love with was the House of Priscilla. As soon as I walked in I was like ..... WOW. Absolutely magical. The head pieces and clothes were stunning.  I could not get enough of it. So.... 1.5 hours later and two head pieces and one outfit I blissfully walked out the door! This will be one look to stay tuned for as I recreate a stunning Los Vegas show girl. Getting on the plane with this headpiece definitely was an experience I can tell you. 

As you all know I love Vintage. I perused a few while in Sydney and one of the shops.. Zoo Emporium had exactly what I needed to recreate the look for The Great Gatsby. The headpiece and the dress is exactly what I was looking for! 

Stay tuned later on as I post the results of the curls and give you all a review on this curler. Have a great day !

Friday 7 June 2013

Tip of the day

Eating tomatoes and vegies contain nutrients essential in maintaining a younger looking skin. Fruit, nuts and beans are also crucial and good for the skin.

Exfoliation once a week is ever so important.

Skin preparation

Makeup essentials.... The flawless face

Most women seem to skip the most important step in skin preparation which is so crucial in determining how long the makeup will last and how easy the application and maintainance of a flawless base is. So we ask.... How do we get this perfect flawless base?
The three essential steps to this are :
Priming, and 

One important fact that we should take note.... Do not over moisturise the skin. By doing this the skin will actually become clogged and the foundation will not be able to stick to the skin. 
Products should be water or oil based. The are not able to be mixed together at all.  Products should ideally be perfume free as well.


The skin should be cleansed with a ph balanced product with a reading that is on the range of 4.5 to 5.5. 


When applying the moisturiser be very sparse. Primer is fantastic as the base due to the fact that is smoothes the skin out in preparation for the foundation. Do not saturate the face with it. 


Applying the correct foundation is ever so important. You want the skin to look as flawless as possible. You don't want to appear as is if you have a tonne of foundation on! The correct colour is also another important aspect.

Foundation comes in the following:

Tinted foundation, mineral powder and cream liquid.

Translucent powder

I love translucent powder! The application of this powder finishes the flawless look that we are trying to achieve. It is also great in absorbing the oils throughout the day. Even application on the eyelids us essential as the eyeshadow looks fabulous.

We should not forget the concealer. This is a girls best friend for any imperfections that need to be concealed.

Concealer comes in the form of liquid or grease.
It should be one shade paler to the foundation.

Hope you have all enjoyed the first posting of my blog. I have so much to write!